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I knew I wanted to make this headband as soon as Alycia put it up for voting. It’s very stylish and a quick project. The headband was crocheted using Malabrigo yarn in Frank Ochre. I encourage you all to make one (it makes a great gift!). You can find the pattern at All About Ami.


Free Crochet Pattern: Fingerless mitts

I’m a little nervous about sharing my first pattern with you guys. I originally typed this up on my iPhone  a while ago and had to translate it to make sense. :)

Wendy’s Mitts

hdc: Half Double Crochet
sk: Skip (a stich)
ch: Chain

You may use any yarn desired in worsted weight. If you’d like a recommendation, I love using Brava by Knit Picks. It’s inexpensive and soft to the touch.

I hook, worsted weight
Mitts are worked flat and then folded in half and sewn up the sides to complete the project.

Chain 30

Row 1: hdc into the chain (30)
Rows 2-8: hdc into the back loop on the second row and each row thereafter (make 7 rows)
Row 8: hdc 13, ch 3 for the thumb, sk 3 (you may have to skip more if your thumb is too snug), and then continue hdc until the end of the row
Rows 9-17: Do 9 rows of hdc after the thumb row, fold in half and sew up the sides with your left over yarn

If you’re new to crochet or want to learn some more skills, I recommend checking out Alycia’s tutorials. It’s so nice to have a resource like this! I’m self taught in both knitting and crochet and I can’t tell you how much video tutorials help a sister (or brother) out.

*© tinysea. This pattern may be used personally and for gifting. Please do not resell the pattern or claim it as your own. If you do use the pattern, I’d love to see your projects. xo

sister blog: sparkle monster


Long time no blog! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I’m sure you’ve noticed some differences on the blog. Lauren has decided to create her own blog, Sparkle Monster. I support her decision due to the fact that we live in separate states. If we had it our way, we’d be living next to each other and have a handmade & design business. :)

The name of Lauren’s blog is sort of a spin off of the original name of tiny sea. Yes, there was another name before the name you have come to know so well. Our first choice was “Little Sea Monster.” It was taken on Etsy, so we had to brainstorm to come up with another name. I’m glad “tiny sea” stuck and it was probably for the best. I sorta love it. ;)

Every now and then you will still see Lauren guest posting and for that I am grateful. I would like for you all to check out her blog in the link above and show her some well deserved love!

xo Wendy

Mixed Tape Mitts


Knit Picks Chroma Worsted in Mix Tape…. I have been in love with this yarn since I first saw it. The colorway was my favorite of all the Chroma yarns and sadly, it’s now discontinued. I did manage to get myself one lovely ball that I’ve been holding onto for the right pattern. Unfortunately, I never found that pattern! Since I’m ahead on my Christmas knitting, I thought I’d make myself something so I whipped these mitts up.

This is a very basic pattern and it is assuming you already know how to knit and work basic (ribbing and stockinette) stitches. Please let me know if you have an issues with it! This is also on Ravelry under the same name so if you make them, I’d love to have it added to your projects. This is my first pattern I’ve ever released so be gentle. ;)

These mitts are worked flat and then seamed up the sides. I do have small hands (6.75 inches) and knit tightly, so you may need to cast on more stitches. 

Mixed Tape Mitts
Needle: Size 7
Yarn: Knit Picks Chroma Worsted (or any worsted yarn)
Gauge: 5 sts per inch

CO 34 (or add sts in multiples of 2)
Rows 1-8: k1p1 ribbing
Rows 9-35: work stockinette stitch
Rows 36-44: k1p1 ribbing
Bind off loosely
Sew sides (leaving gap for thumb) and weave in ends.
Bow: CO 13, work ss for 9 rows, bind off and block. Wrap center with scrap yarn. Center on the top facing bottom of the mitt and sew on. 
Yay! I hope you all find that easy enough and again, if you make this, I’d love to see the results! 

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