Let's Get Nerdy!

We have a confession to make. We are nerds. We love Doctor Who, Firefly, Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter and collect dolls. So it's only right that we take up arms er... needles and hooks and fight for geeky glory, right?

Ten and Eleven Sammich!

Over on Ravelry, there is a friendly competition called Nerd Wars. We are place on teams to our respective geekery and then knit and crochet projects to earn point for our teams. It started this year in February and we are now going onto our third three-month tournament! I've competed since the beginning on teams Tardis and Bazinga (and now Dumbledore's Army) and Wendy is joining this tourney on Team Bazinga.

erm... Penny sammich?

We have the opportunity to each make a total of 18 projects and complete a dissertation which will take three months. Will we actually complete that many? Heck no! But it's fun to try and expand our skill sets. I am planning on doing a dissertation this tournament for the first time and I'm pretty nervous. I'm going to be making these adorable Prairie Boots out of some yarn that I've hand dyed. They use several techniques that I've never used before so it should be interesting!

We'll be updating every now and then about our projects for Nerd Wars  and my dissertation status. If you have a certain brand of geekiness and want to use your knitting or crocheting (or spinning or weaving!) skills to compete, check Nerd Wars out! Sign-ups are closed for this tournament but the next will start in February and it promises to be lots of fun!

Also, should you want to add us on Ravelry, I am cakewalkqueen and Wendy is simplyminty. Should you want to check out what teams are up to in Nerd Wars check out http://ravnerdwars.info/

Giveaway Time!

We have some things brewing in our minds here at tinysea and we thought we would kick things off with a giveaway! Up for grabs is a pincushion made by Lauren.  The bowl is nice and light while adding weight to the bottom so you don't pull up the whole cushion when removing a pin. There are going to be some in the shop soon but for now, the only way to get one is to win it!

There are several ways to enter to win (please also leave a comment below to let us know you did 2 & 3 as additional entries):
1 // Leave a comment on this post
2 // Like us on Facebook and leave a post on our wall!
3 // Tweet about it: @thetinysea is having a giveaway! Check it out and enter to win: http://bit.ly/q2WZ38

The giveaway will end next Tuesday at midnight (CST) and each person can have up to three entries. We'll announce the winner next Wednesday. Good luck!

We Like it Wednesday : Meredith of One Sheepish Girl

Hi guys! So excited to share this interview with you. I LOVE Meredith's blog. I think I stumbled across it on instagram for a reason. ;) Enjoy! 

1 // Hi Meredith! Thanks for joining us at tinysea. :) We have to know what came first, knitting or crochet?

Thank you for having me! :-) 

Ah yes...the age old question. In my case, knitting came first! I had just finished reading The Friday Night Knitting Club and had the sudden urge to knit, even though I had no idea how! So I bought some needles and yarn, sat down in front of YouTube and started knitting. It was tough at first, but I've never looked back! 

2 // Are you a knitter at heart or a crocheter? Can you explain in a paragraph what you enjoy about each method?

I guess I'm a knitter at heart because that's where I started...but I love crocheting just as much! 

Knitting is a little more complicated but in the best way possible! There are so many new stitches to try and techniques to learn that it never gets boring. I really enjoy tackling something new, like intarsia or cabling, and seeing where it leads.

Crochet is so relaxing. It's a lot easier to correct mistakes, which I'll admit, happen every now and again. ;-) Also, I love that the possibilities to create unusual shapes are endless with crochet. 

3 // I'm working on your envelope pattern right now. What was the first pattern you developed and was it an easy task?

The first pattern I made was for the wrist warmers in my shop. The first pattern that I shared on my blog was the crochet envelope pattern. I really enjoy designing my own patterns, it makes everything in my shop feel uniquely me! 

4 // You have a mighty cute blog! Have you known for a while that you wanted to dive into the blogging world or was it an instantaneous process? 

Aww...thank you! I've always known I was creative, but had no idea I would be translating that creativity into blogging. It just sort of happen and it has been the best surprise of my life! I never imagined finding a community as amazing as my blogging buddies. They make me so happy! We're all just a bunch of creative misfits...and we're in this together. ;)

5 // How has crafting made you into the person you are today? 

Crafting has really brought me out of my shell. I feel more comfortable as a person now that I have Etsy and blogging to turn to. Does that sound weird? Haha...I hope not. I guess I mean that I finally feel like myself now that I've found this amazing community.

6 // In closing, what advice do you have for the beginning crocheter/knitter? Maybe some words of wisdom...

Just do it! Oh wait...that catchphrase is already taken I think. But seriously, if there's a stitch or pattern you want to try, go for it! Look up videos on YouTube, find books in your local library or bookstore. There are so many resources out there for you to discover. Plus, yarn crafting is ridiculously fun! 

Thank you so much for having me here ladies! 

You can find Meredith at the following places:

Do what you love

Happy Tuesday everyone! I was just over at Meredith's blog, One Sheepish Girl, and read her current post about managing a blog with her student life. I'm no longer a student (yep, I'm old ;)), but I have a full time job outside of the home where I find it a little tricky to balance running a full time blog. I don't think I have it in me to apologize about not posting anymore because honestly, I'm not ready to feel guilty about deserting this blog. It's supposed to be fun, right? Thanks to everyone who is following us on our journey through blog life and I hope you'll continue to stick around because I'd really like for this to become a home for us to share our projects and loves with you. We should have a few great interviews to share with you in a couple of weeks! I'm excited :)

Lately when I'm not working, I've been crocheting. I find it very relaxing and sort of an escape from the hustle and bustle of day to day tasks. What do you like to do in your "me" time? I'd love for you to comment and we do read all comments!

xo W

Friday Finds

1 // Meredith's Crochet Rainbow Cake pattern. Meredith has the cutest blog! She is a knitter and crocheter (we absolutely adore that!).

2 // Kaelah's glasses. She got a "sweet" deal on them. Pop on over to this blog entry to read more!

3 // ModCloth's Soda Fountain Dress in Grape. Can we say yummy? I am loving on the color purple like nobody's business. Purple yarn, purple dresses....

4 // Elycia's hair...speaking of purple ;)

What are you guys and girls loving on this week? We want to know!

Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend, ya'll!

xo Wendy

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